Wheel Alignment


What does a wheel alignment involve?

Aligning a vehicle's wheels is a difficult task which involves very specific measurements and adjustments that make the wheels on your car run parallel to each other and are aligned perfectly to the road surface.


Why do wheels need such precise aligning?

If one of your wheels is slanting even slightly right while the other three are facing straight ahead this creates ‘pulling' from that wheel, over time this causes uneven tyre wear and that affects your suspension, steering and the overall safety of your vehicle. Badly aligned tyres have an effect on your ability to steer your car - and this ranges from a small ‘pull' up to extreme cases where it could be difficult to control your car altogether. It's not ideal to have difficulty steering when you might be cruising in your car down on our hot Darwin roads or even when zipping round city corners, but seriously dangerous if you face an emergency situation like having to brake or swerve suddenly for some wildlife or to avoid an accident on the road.

Why don't my tyres just stay aligned?

There are so many things that can ‘undo' the wheel alignment. Basic wear and tear, rough driving, potholes, curb hits and speed bumps can all affect your cars wheel alignment.

What are the signs that my car needs a wheel alignment?

When your tyres go out of balance you will notice things like pulling to one side, or feeling like the car is swerving side to side, your steering wheel might be feeling ‘unbalanced' or if you notice that your tyres seem to be wearing down unevenly, or that one tyre is balding more than the others. Much of the time the decline of your wheel alignment happens gradually and so you don't notice the change in the way your car drives - but you will certainly notice the sudden improvement once your tyres get properly aligned.

Palmerston Rego Repair Centre perform Wheel Alignment and Balancing on most makes and models - if you car needs a wheel alignment please call us for a quote or fill in our contact form today.


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